Mushing Rig


  • → 54 inch retracting line
  • → 10inch bungee loop to reduce
  • shock and save momentum
  • → Two 20-inch leads
  • → Instruction manual
  • → Two extra bolts for bike attachment





The sport of Urban Mushing comes with plenty of challenges. Whether you’re into bike-joring, scooter-joring or have a dry land cart we all have one challenge in common. If you get your line caught in your tire, you have a big problem. There are many attempted solutions to this problem. The Tug & Tow is the first high strength recoil. It’s also the only recoil on the market where the user can easily replace or customize the line.

The Mushing-Rig is set up for two dogs who are trained to pull. This standard line is built to serve the majority of bike-joring, scooter-joring and urban mushers.

Additional information

Weight 2.13 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 6 in


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Provides graduated resistance as the line is pulled out. The first 4ft of line are easy to for your dog to pull out; this allows him to get away from the bike easily. The last three feet of line get harder and harder to pull. This prevents surprise jerks when your dog hits the end of the line. A common problem to all flexi leashes. Graduated resistance gives you more control. If your dog trips or lags for a moment the TNT will give them the slack they need and recover that line as the run continues.

Makes a sound and vibration when the line goes in or out quickly (This is a great heads up when you happen to be watching the scenery and your dog hits the bakes or pulls quickly)

Makes changing and customizing your line quick and easy.

Simple Polycarbonate Construction

Changing Your Line


Three Post Spool Tutorial

Making Your Own Lines




I don’t have access to fancy labs but I wanted to show you the strength of the TugNTow. So I rented a load scale, rigged up a pulley system to my ATV and started breaking stuff. I have included all eight videos mistakes and all. Check it out; the TugNTow is pretty tough.

  • → Break Test 1 (Failed test) I tried to break the main line of the Mushing Rig. Video Link
  • → Break Test 2 (Successful Test) I broke the main line of the Mushing Rig at 1,625lbf. Video Link
  • → Break Test 3 (Failed Test) I tried to break the Main Housing of the TugNTow. Video Link
  • → Break Test 4 (successful Test) I broke the Main Housing of the TugNTow at 1,840lbf. Video Link
  • → Break Test 5 (Failed Test) I broke the Bungee Section of the TNT but the load scale was not on. Video Link
  • → Break Test 6 (Successful Test) I broke the Bungee Section at 720lbf. Video Link
  • → Break test 7 (Failed Test) To shorten the line to accommodate the pulley set up. I tied a knot in the main line of the Bike Leash Rig and this significantly reduced the strength of the line. The line broke at the knot at 570lbf. Video Link
  • → Break Test 8 (Successful test) I used a section of main line for the Bike Leash Rig that had woven loops identical to the way the Bike Leash Rig is set up. This time the load rating was more in line with what to expect. The line broke at 1,055lbf. Video Link

Note From The Inventor:

The Bike-Leash is the best place to start if your dog just wants to run along while you ride your bike. Remember that if you later train your dog to pull or decide to customize the line to meet your own specific needs the TugNTow can grow with you.

For mushers that plan on customizing their TNT right away the Bike-Leash is the best place to start. It gives you a maximum 7ft of recoiling line to start with.

Note for Beginners:

Like I have said before guys; this is a bumps and bruises sport. It’s not hard to learn and the TNT does make biking with your dog much easier and much safer. There is still a risk of falling off your bike. If you are not coordinated or good at riding a bike please don’t buy my product.

Please practice in a safe area before taking to the streets with other traffic. I suggest using a large vacated area where you can make lots of turns with your dog so your dog learns how to stay with you and you get the feel of biking with your dog.